Classic or expansion rush leecher.
  • Run 1 to 7 leechers and perform all tasks necessary including game creation.
  • Optionally converts to expansion.
  • Rusher is not included.


Each of the following commands can be said via regular chat, overhead chat or whisper:
ng or new game leave and join a new game (maybe Lord de Seis immune to your rusher, etc)
done leave and stop
rejoin or rj rejoin the current game
tome bots will go to Ormus and wait to pickup an ID tome (should only be said in act 3 town, usually at the end of a rush)
convert leave and convert to expansion (usually said while in act 3 of hell in classic)
PortalReadyMessage (default is 1) The chat message to wait for, before entering potentially unsafe portals. Empty means we don't wait for any message, instead just immediately enter the portal.

How To

Just some specific details that might not be commonly used..

Act 2

(might be reverse order from what most are used to)
  1. Lost City -> Valley of Snakes -> Claw Viper Temple -> Horadric Amulet
  2. Far Oasis -> Maggot Lair -> Staff of Kings

Act 2: Duriel

After killing Duriel, make a town portal at this location:

Act 3: Travincal

Make a town portal at the following location:

Act 3: Mephisto

Make a town portal at the Durance of Hate level 3 entrance:
After the quester comes through and you kill Mephisto, the quester should head back through the portal. Make a new town portal at this location:

Act 4: Diablo

Make a town portal above the Chaos Sanctuary center star. The quester will hide behind the boundary spires.

Horadric Cube

KeepCubeInNormal, KeepCubeInNightmare and KeepCubeInHell are configuration flags to tell the quester to hold on to the cube instead of dropping it after making the staff in act 2. So if you're only rushing through normal, you might want to set KeepCubeInNormal to false so that you get your cube back. The default of the flags is set to hold on to the cube until hell, where it is finally dropped for your rusher to take back.


2020-02-09: v1.0.0.77

  • ADD Added support to rush only 1 character

2020-02-09: v1.0.0.76

  • ADD Added PortalReadyMessage, PortalReadyDelay to configuration