This .dll contains all the core networking, shared components and logic used by the rest of my applications.

Auto Updater

The auto-updater queries the AWS S3 bucket located here: https://d2appupdates.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com.

Required Components

On startup, you might see something like this:
These components are required, hit Update to let it grab them for you.

Optional Components

On startup, you might see something like this:
These updates are optional, but I highly recommend hitting Update. To understand what you're getting from these updates, you can find changelogs on this site.


Each application is heavily obfuscated & protected from tampering. If you manage to crack my apps I will pay a bounty for proof & how-to ($ amount is at my discretion). Each protected application keeps an active connection with the authentication service. Authentication is valid for a particular application & machine.
  • IP address changes are logged but will not require re-authorization. If you have a dynamic IP that is not a problem. However, if I see that you're using the app on the same machine but different IPs simultaneously, then I know something is wrong!
  • Hardware changes like new CPU, RAM, etc will require re-authorization.


Logs are stored in a sub-folder named [app]-Logs\[session timestamp]\. A new session is started every time the app opens, as well as every LogReset (default 24) hours. If LogZip (default false) is set to true, old session folders will be automatically zipped up to save space. If you are using an app like iDB, it is highly recommend to set LogDebugItems (default false) to true in order to log full item packets and have proof of all item operations.


2021-09-15: v1.0.0.792

  • FIX Fixed bug with magic damage calculations

2021-08-25: v1.0.0.790

  • FIX Fixed minor issues with same-host different-credentials proxy support

2021-08-21: v1.0.0.789

  • FIX Fixed combination of cold/poison stats coming from sockets

2021-08-19: v1.0.0.788

  • FIX Fixed bug where lobby delay occurred twice

2021-08-19: v1.0.0.787

  • FIX Fixed combination of complex stats on runewords (when stat comes twice in stream)

2021-08-19: v1.0.0.786

  • FIX Fixed HTTPS proxy auth for some strict providers (case sensitivity)

2021-07-26: v1.0.0.785

  • ADD Restored WaitLineThreshold (default is 1000)

2021-07-26: v1.0.0.784

  • ADD Added DelayBetweenSameProxySubnetModuleStartup (default is 5 seconds)

2021-07-23: v1.0.0.783

  • FIX Fixed automods on rares affecting level requirement

2021-07-20: v1.0.0.782

  • UPD Improved corpse retrieval (attempts weapon swapping)

2021-07-18: v1.0.0.781

  • FIX Fixed ordering of some item stats

2021-06-19: v1.0.0.780

  • ADD Added 'no logs yet' message

2021-06-19: v1.0.0.779

  • FIX Fixed color detection if item only has automod and no affixes (thanks Laz!)

2021-06-13: v1.0.0.776

  • FIX Fixed highlighting for logs without prefixes

2021-06-13: v1.0.0.775

  • UPD Removed LogDelay
  • FIX Minor bug fixes

2021-06-12: v1.0.0.774

  • ADD Added dark mode for logs with colors for errors, etc

2021-06-09: v1.0.0.770

  • UPD Increased default StartupTimeoutBNCS to 21 seconds (from 15 seconds)

2021-06-08: v1.0.0.769

  • FIX Fixed bug with packet data buffer on writing empty string

2021-06-08: v1.0.0.768

  • FIX Fixed a bug where packets received after a timeout would cause bad behavior

2021-05-31: v1.0.0.767

  • ADD Added SoftRestartsAllowed for timeouts during login (default is 2) (soft-restart means the same key and proxy are re-used)

2021-05-03: v1.0.0.756

  • FIX Fixed bug where RPC wouldn't reconnect with new URL from settings

2021-04-20: v1.0.0.749

  • ADD Added DelayBeforeSelectingCharacter, DelayBetweenWhoIs, GameTimeBeforeExitMinimum, GameTimeBeforeExitMaximum, TimeAfterEnteringLobbyMinimum, TimeAfterEnteringLobbyMaximum, TimeBetweenCreatingGamesMinimum and TimeBetweenJoiningGamesMinimum with reasonable delays

2021-04-04: v1.0.0.744

  • FIX Fixed skill mana cost calculations
  • UPD Renamed Cycle of Life to Carrion Vine

2021-04-02: v1.0.0.742

  • UPD Rewrite of RPC

2021-04-01: v1.0.0.738

  • UPD Improved speed of buying scrolls to fill a tome

2021-03-23: v1.0.0.736

  • UPD Technical improvements

2021-03-17: v1.0.0.734

  • UPD Improved skill casting delay
  • FIX Fixed IAS detection from auras
  • FIX Fixed aura effects stacking when they shouldn't

2021-03-13: v1.0.0.733

  • UPD Improved weapon swapping resilience

2021-03-12: v1.0.0.732

  • UPD Removed UseFCRIASMod as it is checked server-side now
  • ADD Added more verbosity to pre-casting skills

2021-02-23: v1.0.0.729

  • UPD Fonts are loaded lazily

2021-02-23: v1.0.0.727

  • ADD Added korean & chinese localization

2021-02-04: v1.0.0.724

  • FIX Fixed MinimumTimeBetweenCreatingGames to work even if there is a game create queue (and same for joining)

2021-01-28: v1.0.0.720

  • ADD Added logging of in-game ping

2020-12-23: v1.0.0.711

  • UPD Added to blacklist
  • UPD Removed from blacklist

2020-12-14: v1.0.0.705

  • FIX Fixed socket ordering on item images

2020-11-24: v1.0.0.698

  • UPD Improved pickit strictness

2020-11-05: v1.0.0.694

  • ADD Added dates into logs since they may span multiple days

2020-10-15: v1.0.0.690

  • FIX Fixed crash on startup for fast CPUs

2020-10-15: v1.0.0.689

  • UPD Updated imgur uploader to use 3 IDs while watching for rate limiting

2020-10-13: v1.0.0.688

  • UPD Disabled sorting within groupings in ObjectListViews to vastly improve performance (ShopDrop window, etc)

2020-10-13: v1.0.0.687

  • FIX Fixed form centering delay

2020-10-01: v1.0.0.681

  • UPD Improved handling of IP Addresses and IP Endpoints in settings

2020-09-23: v1.0.0.677

  • FIX Fixed level requirement calculations for some crafted and magic items
  • UPD Large rewrite of codebase
  • UPD Full rewrite of logging

2020-08-05: v1.0.0.676

  • FIX Fixed team stopping

2020-07-12: v1.0.0.672

  • ADD Added UseSystemLocaleForBNCS
  • UPD Removed ResolveBnetIPsLocally
  • ADD Added detection of when battle.net closes the connection
  • UPD Proxies aren't flagged if module didn't reach battle.net server

2020-06-15: v1.0.0.667

  • UPD Removed defunct WaitLineThreshold

2020-06-15: v1.0.0.665

  • FIX Blacklisted broken USEast server (

2020-06-08: v1.0.0.663

  • FIX Fixed game name title-casing for words starting with numbers

2020-06-05: v1.0.0.661

  • FIX Fix cube transmuting

2020-05-29: v1.0.0.656

  • FIX Fixed weapon swap bugged during lag

2020-04-23: v1.0.0.654

  • FIX Added title-casing game names to support case-sensitive servers

2020-03-14: v1.0.0.638

  • ADD Added NumberOfStats pickit property
  • ADD Right-clicking selects teams and modules now
  • UPD Improved auth error handling

2020-03-12: v1.0.0.637

  • ADD Added WaitLineMessageEvery

2020-03-03: v1.0.0.634

  • FIX Fixed item affix lookups
  • UPD Updated data edits to use entire cell

2020-02-29: v1.0.0.633

  • ADD Added knowledge base & changelog links to menu

2020-02-25: v1.0.0.632

  • FIX Fixed image generation for socketed jewels

2020-02-11: v1.0.0.628

  • FIX Fixed item replacement typo

2020-02-09: v1.0.0.626

  • ADD Added file size limit (500 MB) for logger

2020-02-05: v1.0.0.625

  • UPD Updater improvements

2020-02-03: v1.0.0.618

  • ADD Other instance detection
  • UPD Only open stash if there is room for items
  • ADD Item replacement capability (after failed trade)

2020-01-23: v1.0.0.617

  • UPD Updated client-id for imgur

2020-01-21: v1.0.0.616

  • ADD Added validation for Type & Kind properties

2020-01-20: v1.0.0.615

  • FIX Fixed testing composite stats (AllStats / AllRes)

2020-01-15: v1.0.0.612

  • ADD Added AllowTeleportWhileFighting to configuration

2020-01-12: v1.0.0.610

  • UPD Trading forcefully repositions

2020-01-09: v1.0.0.608

  • FIX Fixed Graphic issue

2020-01-08: v1.0.0.607

  • FIX Fixed dead connection cleaning

2020-01-08: v1.0.0.605

  • FIX Drink leftover potions in inventory
  • FIX Buying NPC items waits for item to show in inventory
  • ADD Allows multiple corpse retrievals while putting potions back in belt

2020-01-05: v1.0.0.602

  • ADD Added AutoWhoIs to configuration

2019-12-28: v1.0.0.598

  • ADD Added detection for true wait-line

2019-12-17: v1.0.0.583

  • FIX Fixed level requirement calculation for staffmods stats

2019-10-20: v1.0.0.544

  • FIX Fixed crafted item level requirement

2018-09-15: v1.0.0.338

  • ADD Added wait-line handling