2021-09-15: Helios v1.0.0.792

  • FIX Fixed bug with magic damage calculations

2021-08-25: Helios v1.0.0.790

  • FIX Fixed minor issues with same-host different-credentials proxy support

2021-08-21: Helios v1.0.0.789

  • FIX Fixed combination of cold/poison stats coming from sockets

2021-08-19: Helios v1.0.0.788

  • FIX Fixed bug where lobby delay occurred twice

2021-08-19: rDB v1.0.0.134

  • UPD Proxies with same server/port but different username/password are allowed to be added separately now

2021-08-19: iDB v1.0.0.731

  • ADD Added ShouldEnterGame for refreshers (default is false)

2021-08-19: iDB-Web

  • FIX Potentially fixed bug where page reset back to 1 even after making a selection

2021-08-19: Helios v1.0.0.787

  • FIX Fixed combination of complex stats on runewords (when stat comes twice in stream)

2021-08-19: Helios v1.0.0.786

  • FIX Fixed HTTPS proxy auth for some strict providers (case sensitivity)

2021-07-26: Helios v1.0.0.785

  • ADD Restored WaitLineThreshold (default is 1000)

2021-07-26: Helios v1.0.0.784

  • ADD Added DelayBetweenSameProxySubnetModuleStartup (default is 5 seconds)

2021-07-23: Helios v1.0.0.783

  • FIX Fixed automods on rares affecting level requirement

2021-07-23: iDB v1.0.0.730

  • UPD Improved updating of character expirations

2021-07-20: iDB v1.0.0.729

  • ADD Added button on Items window to delete expired characters (also respects realm/database filters)

2021-07-20: Helios v1.0.0.782

  • UPD Improved corpse retrieval (attempts weapon swapping)

2021-07-18: Helios v1.0.0.781

  • FIX Fixed ordering of some item stats

2021-07-18: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.181

  • FIX Fixed Mule mode which was broken upon introducing StartHuntersAfterAllOthers

2021-06-19: Helios v1.0.0.780

  • ADD Added 'no logs yet' message

2021-06-19: Helios v1.0.0.779

  • FIX Fixed color detection if item only has automod and no affixes (thanks Laz!)

2021-06-17: iDB v1.0.0.726

  • ADD Added automatic job prioritization for Ladder

2021-06-13: Helios v1.0.0.776

  • FIX Fixed highlighting for logs without prefixes

2021-06-13: Helios v1.0.0.775

  • UPD Removed LogDelay
  • FIX Minor bug fixes

2021-06-12: Helios v1.0.0.774

  • ADD Added dark mode for logs with colors for errors, etc

2021-06-12: iDB v1.0.0.723

  • UPD Changed behavior to warn instead of deleting when encountering mismatched character core/ladder/expansion

2021-06-11: iDB v1.0.0.722

  • ADD Added Move to Different Database button for currently filtered items

2021-06-09: Helios v1.0.0.770

  • UPD Increased default StartupTimeoutBNCS to 21 seconds (from 15 seconds)

2021-06-08: Helios v1.0.0.769

  • FIX Fixed bug with packet data buffer on writing empty string

2021-06-08: rDB v1.0.0.132

  • FIX Fixed bug where keys weren't released after being used with proxy tester in Full mode

2021-06-08: Helios v1.0.0.768

  • FIX Fixed a bug where packets received after a timeout would cause bad behavior

2021-06-08: iDB v1.0.0.720

  • FIX Fixed a bug regarding reactivation of ShopDrop or AutoShop after a period of inactivity

2021-06-03: iDB v1.0.0.719

  • UPD If wait-for-pickup is on, droppers will wait before dropping carry-only-1 items (annis, torches, gheeds, cube, etc) if there is already one on the ground

2021-05-31: Helios v1.0.0.767

  • ADD Added SoftRestartsAllowed for timeouts during login (default is 2) (soft-restart means the same key and proxy are re-used)

2021-05-29: iDB v1.0.0.717

  • FIX Fixed bug with JSP shop processor not reporting failures for out of stock products
  • UPD Improved logging for JSP shop

2021-05-27: iDB v1.0.0.715

  • FIX Minor fixes for builder

2021-05-26: PermIt v1.0.0.117

  • UPD Improved failed port binding handling on PermIt

2021-05-26: iDB v1.0.0.714

  • UPD Updater improvements
  • FIX Minor fixes

2021-05-26: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.177

  • FIX Retry windows are auto-closed when walk ends

2021-05-19: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.176

  • ADD Added support for stashing items if hunter has full inventory

2021-05-18: iDB v1.0.0.699

  • ADD Added support for mappings in SimpleShop

2021-05-17: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.174

  • FIX Fixed a concurrency bug that occasionally occurs while starting a team

2021-05-17: iDB v1.0.0.696

  • ADD Added new Deletion.log for account and character deletions
  • FIX Fixed expiration update bug (when sent from PermIt, etc)
  • UPD Updated expiration updates to delete missing characters (when sent from PermIt, etc)

2021-05-12: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.173

  • FIX Fixed inaccurate count being reported to ChannelDemon

2021-05-11: PWC v1.0.0.51

  • ADD Added PasswordChangeAttempts (default is 3)
  • ADD Added Failed.log where failed account names will be saved

2021-05-07: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.171

  • ADD Added ReportDataToChannelDemon to report soj sales and walks (as well as ladder/non-ladder status of IPs) (default is false)

2021-05-04: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.169

  • ADD Added Enable All buttons for hunters and killers

2021-05-03: Helios v1.0.0.756

  • FIX Fixed bug where RPC wouldn't reconnect with new URL from settings

2021-05-03: rDB v1.0.0.131

  • FIX Fixed enabled/disabled key counts

2021-04-29: iDB v1.0.0.689

  • ADD Added AutoRetryOrderOnGameFullBugged (default is true)

2021-04-29: iDB v1.0.0.688

  • UPD Updated web drop messages

2021-04-28: iDB-Web

  • UPD Improved notification message sanitization

2021-04-28: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.168

  • ADD Added StartHuntersAfterAllOthers (default is true)

2021-04-28: rDB v1.0.0.130

  • UPD Unlinked resource processing from UI updates

2021-04-27: rDB v1.0.0.129

  • ADD Added realm toggles for keys and proxies

2021-04-22: iDB v1.0.0.684

  • UPD Set DisableWest to default to false

2021-04-21: iDB-Web

2021-04-20: Helios v1.0.0.749

  • ADD Added DelayBeforeSelectingCharacter, DelayBetweenWhoIs, GameTimeBeforeExitMinimum, GameTimeBeforeExitMaximum, TimeAfterEnteringLobbyMinimum, TimeAfterEnteringLobbyMaximum, TimeBetweenCreatingGamesMinimum and TimeBetweenJoiningGamesMinimum with reasonable delays

2021-04-17: iDB v1.0.0.681

  • ADD Added new option DisableWest (default is true) which disables drops from iDB-Web, Refreshers and Loggers for the West realm

2021-04-13: iDB v1.0.0.680

  • UPD Adjusted abort job options to focus on refresher jobs

2021-04-12: iDB v1.0.0.679

  • FIX Potential bug fix for errors on job ending

2021-04-12: rDB v1.0.0.128

  • FIX Fixed bug with AllowSimultaneous*UseOnDifferentRealms and Flag*OnAllRealms

2021-04-11: rDB v1.0.0.127

  • ADD Logs are now persisted to file
  • ADD Added logging of incoming connection IPs
  • UPD Removed Log tab from UI for performance

2021-04-10: iDB v1.0.0.678

  • ADD Added builder request # to title

2021-04-09: iDB-Web

  • ADD Added ability to trash items (drop in public game)

2021-04-09: iDB v1.0.0.677

  • ADD Added ability to trash items (drop in public game)

2021-04-08: iDB-Web

  • UPD Changed connection status to reflect connection from browser to iDB-Web to iDB

2021-04-06: iDB-Web

  • ADD Added dark mode
  • FIX Fixed async issues with HttpContext

2021-04-05: iDB v1.0.0.674

  • ADD Added character details to summary for pickup jobs

2021-04-05: iDB v1.0.0.673

  • ADD Added ability for loggers to attempt to join public games

2021-04-05: iDB v1.0.0.672

  • ADD Added manual pickup game/password to module title

2021-04-04: Helios v1.0.0.744

  • FIX Fixed skill mana cost calculations
  • UPD Renamed Cycle of Life to Carrion Vine

2021-04-02: Helios v1.0.0.742

  • UPD Rewrite of RPC

2021-04-02: iDB-Web

  • UPD Cart closes after dropping if Clear Cart After Drop is checked

2021-04-01: Helios v1.0.0.738

  • UPD Improved speed of buying scrolls to fill a tome

2021-03-25: iDB v1.0.0.666

  • ADD Added WaitForPickupIfUnitPriceGreaterThan for SimpleShop

2021-03-23: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.163

  • UPD Changed killers to restart after 2 FTJs and stopping the hunter if 2 more FTJs
  • UPD Split ModulesPerGroup into ModulesPerGroupForHunters, ModulesPerGroupForKillers, ModulesPerGroupForMulers and ModulesPerGroupForGameHolders

2021-03-23: iDB v1.0.0.665

  • ADD Added Delete Items Matching Current Filters button on items tab

2021-03-23: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.162

  • ADD Added log message for when walk counter decreases
  • UPD Changed default selection when starting team
  • UPD Technical improvements

2021-03-23: Helios v1.0.0.736

  • UPD Technical improvements

2021-03-18: iDB v1.0.0.664

  • FIX Fixed decimal support for SimpleShop

2021-03-18: iDB v1.0.0.663

  • ADD Added support for multiple SimpleShops

2021-03-17: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.161

  • ADD Clicking on Retry window's text lets you copy Account Name to clipboard

2021-03-17: Helios v1.0.0.734

  • UPD Improved skill casting delay
  • FIX Fixed IAS detection from auras
  • FIX Fixed aura effects stacking when they shouldn't

2021-03-13: Helios v1.0.0.733

  • UPD Improved weapon swapping resilience

2021-03-12: Helios v1.0.0.732

  • UPD Removed UseFCRIASMod as it is checked server-side now
  • ADD Added more verbosity to pre-casting skills

2021-03-08: iDB-Web

  • ADD Added Accounts report

2021-03-07: iDB v1.0.0.659

  • FIX Fixed decimal support for JSP Shop

2021-03-06: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.160

  • FIX Fixed rare bug while archiving anni logs

2021-03-02: iDB-Web

  • ADD Added notifications for managers

2021-03-02: iDB v1.0.0.658

  • ADD Added item image borders

2021-03-02: iDB v1.0.0.657

  • UPD Performance improvement for searching items

2021-02-28: PermIt v1.0.0.114

  • ADD Added IP address to API logs

2021-02-28: iDB v1.0.0.656

  • ADD Added IP address to API logs

2021-02-28: iDB v1.0.0.655

  • UPD Improved responsiveness of Items and Codes windows
  • UPD Builder now reports what ingredients were missing if it fails
  • UPD Pack editor sorts by ID
  • UPD Double-clicking in pack editor will add the code now

2021-02-23: Helios v1.0.0.729

  • UPD Fonts are loaded lazily

2021-02-23: Helios v1.0.0.727

  • ADD Added korean & chinese localization

2021-02-23: iDB v1.0.0.652

  • FIX Fixed using presets in Transfer mode

2021-02-23: iDB v1.0.0.650

  • UPD Allow comments in SimpleShop definitions

2021-02-23: iDB-Web

  • ADD Added configurable cart tab location
  • ADD Added notifications

2021-02-21: iDB v1.0.0.649

  • FIX Fixed sorting by Name in Items window

2021-02-04: iDB-Delivery

  • ADD Initial

2021-02-04: Helios v1.0.0.724

  • FIX Fixed MinimumTimeBetweenCreatingGames to work even if there is a game create queue (and same for joining)

2021-01-29: iDB-Web

  • UPD Current page of codes browsing is restored after live updates received

2021-01-28: PermIt v1.0.0.112

  • ADD Added ModulesGlobalLimit

2021-01-28: iDB v1.0.0.642

  • ADD Added pickup/transfer presets

2021-01-28: iDB v1.0.0.641

  • ADD Added LimitGlobal for modules
  • UPD LimitPerOrder and rDBIDDeliveryOverride are removed for certain modules

2021-01-28: Helios v1.0.0.720

  • ADD Added logging of in-game ping

2021-01-28: iDB-Web

  • ADD Added drag-and-drop reordering for codes and items in cart

2021-01-28: iDB-Web

  • ADD Item filters are now persisted in the URL

2021-01-25: iDB v1.0.0.638

  • ADD Added SimpleShop

2021-01-24: iDB v1.0.0.632

  • UPD Updated to infinite retries for sending order results

2021-01-24: rDB v1.0.0.126

  • FIX Fixed perma-flagged scenario where AllowSimultaneousUseOnDifferentRealms was enabled but FlagOnAllRealms was disabled

2021-01-22: iDB-Web

  • ADD Added Select Visible button on items tab

2020-12-29: iDB v1.0.0.629

  • ADD Added handling for multiple server disconnects from lobby

2020-12-23: Helios v1.0.0.711

  • UPD Added to blacklist
  • UPD Removed from blacklist

2020-12-20: iDB v1.0.0.628

  • FIX Quick fix for SpecialAny missing from db

2020-12-17: iDB-Web

  • ADD Added collage support

2020-12-15: iDB v1.0.0.626

  • UPD Massive log performance improvement

2020-12-15: iDB v1.0.0.624

  • ADD Added JSPShop*-ConnectionTimeout for auto-disabling JSP shop updates if the app is having trouble connecting (for example, ShopDrop/AutoShop is not running but the iDB processor is left on)
  • UPD Stock updates are delayed and batched together to help with Log performance

2020-12-14: Helios v1.0.0.705

  • FIX Fixed socket ordering on item images

2020-12-09: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.154

  • UPD Disabled asia-specific game verification (since asia has separate IPs once again)

2020-12-09: iDB v1.0.0.619

  • UPD Re-indexed accounts & characters case-insensitively
  • UPD Upserting accounts & characters uses SQLite's ON CONFLICT feature for performance

2020-12-09: iDB v1.0.0.618

  • ADD Added Get # of Items Matching Current Filters button on Items window
  • UPD Performance improvements during Log operations and more
  • UPD Removed prioritized db queue
  • ADD Added logging for Log operations to help track any slowness

2020-12-08: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.153

  • UPD Ignore empty lines in Hunter/Killer inputs

2020-12-08: iDB v1.0.0.615

  • ADD Added visualization of db vacuuming
  • UPD Prevented stacking of clean-and-reset operations

2020-12-07: iDB v1.0.0.614

  • UPD Deleting a database works even when there are items attached now

2020-12-06: iDB v1.0.0.613

  • UPD Improved jsp file import

2020-12-04: iDB v1.0.0.611

  • FIX Fixed bug where backup got stuck

2020-12-04: iDB v1.0.0.610

  • UPD Improved tracked item hash conversion to NL

2020-12-03: iDB v1.0.0.608

  • ADD Added message that manual backup completed

2020-11-28: iDB v1.0.0.607

  • FIX Fixed to limit Log operations

2020-11-28: iDB v1.0.0.606

  • ADD Added limit to number of backgrounded Log db operations

2020-11-24: iDB v1.0.0.605

  • ADD Added special code recursion detection

2020-11-24: Helios v1.0.0.698

  • UPD Improved pickit strictness

2020-11-23: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.152

  • ADD Added detection for game server SOJ count bug

2020-11-23: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.151

  • FIX Fixed killers getting stuck if anni in stash

2020-11-20: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.150

  • ADD Added Killer View which allows full monitoring and control over killers

2020-11-20: rDB v1.0.0.123

  • ADD Added proxy validation

2020-11-13: iDB-Web

  • FIX Fixed default codes paging for new users

2020-11-11: iDB v1.0.0.603

  • FIX Fixed counts for SpecialAny and SpecialAnyEven codes

2020-11-11: PermIt v1.0.0.109

  • ADD Added game re-use

2020-11-11: iDB v1.0.0.602

  • UPD Improved game re-use by loggers

2020-11-09: iDB v1.0.0.601

  • FIX Fixed bug with SpecialAnyEven codes

2020-11-06: iDB v1.0.0.593

  • ADD Added date to tracked item hashes
  • ADD Added tracked price and date to Items window
  • UPD Items column state is persisted now

2020-11-05: Helios v1.0.0.694

  • ADD Added dates into logs since they may span multiple days

2020-11-04: iDB v1.0.0.592

  • ADD Added support for Hash in pickits

2020-10-28: iDB v1.0.0.590

  • ADD Added support for SpecialAnyEven codes

2020-10-24: iDB-Web

  • FIX Deleting log entries no longer resets search filters

2020-10-18: iDB-Web

  • UPD Restricted items are now hidden from Items tab search results

2020-10-15: Helios v1.0.0.690

  • FIX Fixed crash on startup for fast CPUs

2020-10-15: Helios v1.0.0.689

  • UPD Updated imgur uploader to use 3 IDs while watching for rate limiting

2020-10-13: Helios v1.0.0.688

  • UPD Disabled sorting within groupings in ObjectListViews to vastly improve performance (ShopDrop window, etc)

2020-10-13: Helios v1.0.0.687

  • FIX Fixed form centering delay

2020-10-13: iDB v1.0.0.581

  • ADD Added prioritization system for db queue (Log operations are low priority)

2020-10-05: iDB-Kolbot v1.10

  • UPD Accounts are logged to file when password determination fails

2020-10-04: iDB v1.0.0.575

  • ADD Added SystemOffline and DropFinished packets for ShopDrop

2020-10-04: iDB v1.0.0.574

  • UPD Improved performance when jobs are ending

2020-10-01: Helios v1.0.0.681

  • UPD Improved handling of IP Addresses and IP Endpoints in settings

2020-09-30: iDB v1.0.0.572

  • UPD Parallelized incoming API requests to improve responsiveness
  • FIX Fixed display order of jobs on main window

2020-09-23: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.148

  • FIX Fixed bug where hunters rejoining games incorrectly report that they found game after server walked and then leave

2020-09-23: Helios v1.0.0.677

  • FIX Fixed level requirement calculations for some crafted and magic items
  • UPD Large rewrite of codebase
  • UPD Full rewrite of logging

2020-09-23: iDB-Web

  • ADD Added default paging length for Codes table
  • UPD Item search results now show newest first

2020-08-12: iDB v1.0.0.568

  • UPD Updated overhead messages to every 3 seconds

2020-08-05: Helios v1.0.0.676

  • FIX Fixed team stopping

2020-07-31: iDB-Kolbot v1.9

  • ADD Added logging by default for automule, mulelogger and dropper profiles as well as support for profile whitelisting / blacklisting

2020-07-28: iDB v1.0.0.567

  • FIX Fixed picker switching to create after joining fails

2020-07-28: iDB v1.0.0.566

  • ADD Added rDB ID override for manual pickup or transfer jobs

2020-07-24: iDB-Web

  • ADD Added button to allow user to hard-refresh codes every 30 seconds

2020-07-16: iDB-Web

  • ADD Added new search result right-click menu (upload to imgur, view items)
  • ADD Added count to selected codes/items label

2020-07-15: iDB-Web

  • UPD Expanded search page on larger screens
  • UPD Changed items search results to flex grid
  • UPD Logs page now has Any user filter

2020-07-12: iDB-Web

  • FIX Fixed support for different realms to be active on different tabs in user's browser
  • FIX Fixed searching for ebugged items

2020-07-12: iDB-Web

  • UPD Changed item search dropdowns to type-able comboboxes
  • UPD Shrunk cart and moved pull-button to top

2020-07-12: iDB-Web

  • UPD Cart entries are kept in order added
  • UPD Search input is focused on tab change

2020-07-12: PermIt v1.0.0.105

  • ADD Added PauseAndAbortAllOnRealmGoingDown

2020-07-12: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.143

  • ADD Added StopWalkOnRealmGoingDown

2020-07-12: iDB v1.0.0.563

  • ADD Added PauseAndAbortAllOnRealmGoingDown

2020-07-12: Helios v1.0.0.672

  • ADD Added UseSystemLocaleForBNCS
  • UPD Removed ResolveBnetIPsLocally
  • ADD Added detection of when closes the connection
  • UPD Proxies aren't flagged if module didn't reach server

2020-07-11: iDB-Web

  • FIX Fixed image upload to Imgur

2020-07-09: iDB-Web

  • ADD Added If-Modified-Since header to save bandwidth on codes polling
  • ADD Restored stats filter
  • ADD Added type to code search
  • ADD Added 500 ms delay to codes search
  • ADD Added reset button to codes and items
  • ADD Added trash button next to selected codes
  • ADD Added stats as tooltip when hovering items
  • FIX Fixed imgur upload on right-click

2020-07-06: iDB-Web

  • UPD Search rewrite

2020-06-28: iDB v1.0.0.559

  • FIX Automatic detection and fixing of orders stuck in processing state

2020-06-27: iDB v1.0.0.558

  • ADD Added LimitPerGameJspShop for JSP shop droppers

2020-06-23: rDB v1.0.0.118

  • ADD Added Check True IP for proxies

2020-06-15: Helios v1.0.0.667

  • UPD Removed defunct WaitLineThreshold

2020-06-15: Helios v1.0.0.665

  • FIX Blacklisted broken USEast server (

2020-06-15: iDB v1.0.0.557

  • ADD Added rDBIDJspShopOverride for droppers

2020-06-15: iDB v1.0.0.556

  • FIX Fixed broken job queue behavior

2020-06-13: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.140

  • UPD Retry window stays on top of screen now

2020-06-11: iDB v1.0.0.555

  • ADD Added database to the confirmed drops in JSP shop logs
  • ADD Added failed drops to JSP shop logs

2020-06-11: iDB v1.0.0.552

  • UPD Made overhead pause message persistent

2020-06-09: iDB v1.0.0.552

  • ADD Added overhead message for pause / resume

2020-06-08: Helios v1.0.0.663

  • FIX Fixed game name title-casing for words starting with numbers

2020-06-08: iDB v1.0.0.550

  • ADD Added ShopDrop-WaitForPickupMessage and AutoShop-WaitForPickupMessage that is spammed every 5 seconds

2020-06-07: iDB v1.0.0.549

  • FIX Fixed queue performance degradation with large number of jobs

2020-06-06: iDB v1.0.0.548

  • FIX Fixed bug where multi-tier strict special codes were not processing and aborting correctly

2020-06-06: iDB v1.0.0.547

  • ADD Added pause and resume commands for picker

2020-06-05: rDB v1.0.0.117

  • FIX Fixed bug where OK button wasn't enabled for editing keys

2020-06-05: iDB v1.0.0.545

  • UPD Minor logging improvements

2020-06-05: Helios v1.0.0.661

  • FIX Fix cube transmuting

2020-06-03: iDB v1.0.0.544

  • UPD Module terminates if lobby thread crashes

2020-06-03: iDB v1.0.0.543

  • FIX Fixed bug where droppers didn't abort if builder never made it into a game

2020-06-02: iDB v1.0.0.542

  • ADD Added account and character creation to builder
  • UPD Allow replacement builders to bypass queue restrictions
  • FIX Fixed droppers getting stuck waiting for a builder that aborted
  • FIX Added retries to cube transmuting
  • FIX Fixed a scenario where items were staying locked after an order

2020-05-29: Helios v1.0.0.656

  • FIX Fixed weapon swap bugged during lag

2020-05-29: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.139

  • FIX Fixed 'in verified game' visual counter

2020-05-28: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.138

  • FIX If killer is unable to join, hunter is forced to drop

2020-05-25: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.137

  • ADD Added Enabled column to Game View

2020-05-25: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.136

  • FIX Fixed critical bug with hunters not reporting on their game status
  • UPD Changed GlobalAnniFilter default to 10/10/5

2020-05-25: iDB v1.0.0.541

  • UPD Added checks to prevent recursive packs from being created

2020-05-25: iDB v1.0.0.540

  • FIX Improved error handling if item fails to parse

2020-05-03: iDB v1.0.0.539

  • FIX Fixed item graphics with spaces

2020-04-28: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.135

  • UPD No longer disconnect from BNCS after entering lobby

2020-04-23: Helios v1.0.0.654

  • FIX Added title-casing game names to support case-sensitive servers

2020-04-10: iDB v1.0.0.537

  • FIX Fixed SystemOffline message for AutoShop

2020-04-10: iDB v1.0.0.536

  • UPD Deleting items is more careful with cache clearing

2020-04-08: iDB v1.0.0.535

  • ADD Added AutoShop support

2020-04-08: iDB v1.0.0.533

  • FIX Fixed db import

2020-04-06: iDB v1.0.0.529

  • FIX Fixed pickits with CrescentMoon name filter

2020-04-04: iDB-Web

  • ADD Added more verbose response on drop request

2020-04-02: iDB v1.0.0.527

  • FIX Fixed event handler memory leak and disposing of more SQLiteCommands

2020-04-02: iDB v1.0.0.526

  • FIX Fixed pickits with *MaxDamage stat

2020-03-31: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.133

  • ADD Added retry popup for no gold

2020-03-29: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.132

  • ADD Added attack configuration validation

2020-03-28: iDB v1.0.0.523

  • FIX Fixed hotkey interference on some windows

2020-03-28: iDB-Web

  • UPD Improved logging around logins/registration

2020-03-28: iDB v1.0.0.522

  • FIX Fixed issue when importing ShopDrop data with different name or thumb

2020-03-24: iDB v1.0.0.521

  • ADD Added pack editor for Special codes

2020-03-16: iDB v1.0.0.519

  • ADD Added support for SpecialAny codes

2020-03-14: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.127

  • FIX Added state machine for IP verification

2020-03-14: Helios v1.0.0.638

  • ADD Added NumberOfStats pickit property
  • ADD Right-clicking selects teams and modules now
  • UPD Improved auth error handling

2020-03-12: Helios v1.0.0.637

  • ADD Added WaitLineMessageEvery

2020-03-12: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.126

  • ADD Added DelayBetweenSellingSOJsForAsiaIPTest

2020-03-12: iDB v1.0.0.518

  • ADD Added builder support for Special type

2020-03-12: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.124

  • ADD Added Asia support (true IP testing by selling SOJ)

2020-03-05: PermIt-Kolbot v1.1

  • ADD Added hook for D2BotMuleLog entry script

2020-03-03: Helios v1.0.0.634

  • FIX Fixed item affix lookups
  • UPD Updated data edits to use entire cell

2020-02-29: Helios v1.0.0.633

  • ADD Added knowledge base & changelog links to menu

2020-02-28: iDB v1.0.0.516

  • FIX Orders for hashes obey order-delivery-access flag
  • FIX Fixed db persistence of failed items on orders
  • UPD Synchronized job termination

2020-02-26: iDB-Web

  • UPD Updated log deletion to only be accessible by admins/managers

2020-02-25: Helios v1.0.0.632

  • FIX Fixed image generation for socketed jewels

2020-02-25: iDB v1.0.0.514

  • FIX Logger now only tries to re-use game if game creation was successful

2020-02-25: iDB v1.0.0.513

  • FIX Fixed caching of special codes even after deletion

2020-02-23: iDB v1.0.0.511

  • FIX Fixed another graphic bug

2020-02-21: iDB v1.0.0.510

  • FIX Fixed background backup/vacuum

2020-02-21: iDB v1.0.0.508

  • UPD Backup/vacuuming happens in background now
  • UPD Updated SQLite to

2020-02-19: iDB v1.0.0.507

  • FIX Added delay after trading to allow for replacement items to be received

2020-02-18: rDB v1.0.0.112

  • UPD Re-enabled AllowSimultaneousCDKeyUseOnDifferentRealms and AllowSimultaneousProxyUseOnDifferentRealms

2020-02-12: iDB v1.0.0.506

  • UPD Updated ShopDrop window title

2020-02-11: Helios v1.0.0.628

  • FIX Fixed item replacement typo

2020-02-09: Dream v1.0.0.77

  • ADD Added support to rush only 1 character

2020-02-09: Dream v1.0.0.76

  • ADD Added PortalReadyMessage, PortalReadyDelay to configuration

2020-02-09: iDB v1.0.0.505

  • FIX Fixed droppers get stuck in infinite loop when code not found

2020-02-09: Helios v1.0.0.626

  • ADD Added file size limit (500 MB) for logger

2020-02-09: iDB-Web

  • FIX Fixed error on failed login instead of notifying account doesn't exist

2020-02-05: rDB v1.0.0.111

  • UPD Unhid Statistics property

2020-02-05: Helios v1.0.0.625

  • UPD Updater improvements

2020-02-03: iDB-Web

  • ADD Allow commas in search criteria (if surrounded by quotes)

2020-02-03: Helios v1.0.0.618

  • ADD Other instance detection
  • UPD Only open stash if there is room for items
  • ADD Item replacement capability (after failed trade)

2020-02-03: iDB v1.0.0.503

  • UPD Builder updates
  • ADD Tcp support for gold, imbue, socket

2020-02-03: iDB-Kolbot v1.8

  • ADD Added support for gold, imbue, socket

2020-01-31: iDB-Web

  • UPD Email confirmation updates
  • ADD Unperm Characters report has show/hide password
  • ADD Unperm Characters report can export to PermIt format

2020-01-23: Helios v1.0.0.617

  • UPD Updated client-id for imgur

2020-01-21: Helios v1.0.0.616

  • ADD Added validation for Type & Kind properties

2020-01-21: iDB v1.0.0.502

  • FIX Fixed ebugged property

2020-01-21: iDB-Web

  • ADD Added database/realm filter to Restrictions
  • ADD Allow % in search criteria

2020-01-20: iDB-Web

  • ADD Added Codes report
  • UPD Updated How to write a Match

2020-01-20: Helios v1.0.0.615

  • FIX Fixed testing composite stats (AllStats / AllRes)

2020-01-20: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.122

  • ADD Added startup retry for hunters/killers (to allow user to enter different password or kill module, etc)

2020-01-19: iDB v1.0.0.498

  • FIX Minor builder fixes

2020-01-16: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.121

  • ADD Added TimeoutToKillDiabloClone to configuration

2020-01-15: Helios v1.0.0.612

  • ADD Added AllowTeleportWhileFighting to configuration

2020-01-15: iDB v1.0.0.495

  • ADD Started logging gold/imbue/socket quest

2020-01-14: iDB v1.0.0.493

  • FIX Fixed thumb for ShopDrops with graphic in pickit

2020-01-14: iDB-Web

  • FIX Fixed cascade on delete for LogItems and LogCodes

2020-01-13: iDB v1.0.0.492

  • ADD Added sync tool for tracked item hashes

2020-01-13: iDB v1.0.0.488

  • ADD Added batching for tracked item hash publishing

2020-01-12: Helios v1.0.0.610

  • UPD Trading forcefully repositions

2020-01-09: iDB v1.0.0.485

  • ADD Added batch button for ShopDrop
  • FIX Fixed ordering of ShopDrop messages

2020-01-09: iDB v1.0.0.483

  • UPD Removed Clear All Codes button

2020-01-09: Helios v1.0.0.608

  • FIX Fixed Graphic issue

2020-01-08: iDB v1.0.0.481

  • FIX Fixed failed codes friendly string for unsupported SKUs

2020-01-08: Helios v1.0.0.607

  • FIX Fixed dead connection cleaning

2020-01-08: Helios v1.0.0.605

  • FIX Drink leftover potions in inventory
  • FIX Buying NPC items waits for item to show in inventory
  • ADD Allows multiple corpse retrievals while putting potions back in belt

2020-01-07: iDB-Web

  • FIX Fixed user deletion

2020-01-05: Helios v1.0.0.602

  • ADD Added AutoWhoIs to configuration

2019-12-29: PermIt v1.0.0.99

  • ADD Added parsing of extended-realm for PermIt (escl, etc)

2019-12-29: iDB-Web

  • UPD Changed permissions for reports to managers only

2019-12-28: iDB v1.0.0.476

  • UPD Logger should use same game if possible

2019-12-28: Helios v1.0.0.598

  • ADD Added detection for true wait-line

2019-12-28: iDB-Web

  • ADD Added reports for Locked / Wait-Lined Accounts and Unperm Characters

2019-12-28: iDB-Kolbot v1.7

  • ADD Added character name to the failure logging

2019-12-17: iDB-Web

  • UPD Redesigned Restrictions to be per-database & per-realm, with a match (instead of just a text search)

2019-12-17: Helios v1.0.0.583

  • FIX Fixed level requirement calculation for staffmods stats

2019-12-16: iDB-Kolbot v1.6

  • FIX Wait for all incoming packets to process before publishing to iDB

2019-12-16: iDB-Kolbot v1.5

  • ADD Added logging on failure

2019-12-15: iDB-Web

  • UPD Improved caching of item counts per database
  • ADD Added realm filter to Logs page

2019-12-14: iDB-Web

  • ADD Added connection status indicator (indicates whether you will receive live drop & log job updates in your browser)
  • ADD Added database flexibility (allows to mix complex permissions per database)
  • ADD Added Read Only access
  • FIX Fixed bug where quota wasn't available until a user dropped an item

2019-12-10: iDB-Web

  • ADD Added progress updates for log jobs

2019-12-09: iDB-Web

  • ADD Added connectivity notifications

2019-12-09: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.112

  • ADD Added AutoConvertIfClassic to configuration

2019-11-25: iDB-Web

  • UPD Performance improvement for searching Codes (removed paging)

2019-11-22: iDB-Web

  • ADD Images generated for Special codes will use the first product in the pack
  • UPD Slight performance improvement

2019-11-18: PermIt-Kolbot v1.0

  • ADD Initial

2019-11-16: iDB-Web

  • ADD Added support for searching with 'Level Req = X'
  • UPD If iDB app is not running, drops are no longer queued in the background
  • FIX Fixed deleting single log entries

2019-10-20: Helios v1.0.0.544

  • FIX Fixed crafted item level requirement

2019-10-20: iDB v1.0.0.405

  • ADD Droppers will terminate other droppers if game does not exist

2019-10-20: iDB-Web

  • FIX Fixed Delete All for logs tab

2019-10-19: iDB-Web

  • ADD Added image support to logs tab
  • ADD Added manager role
  • UPD Updated user edit page

2019-10-17: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.109

  • ADD Added detection of missing waypoint to disable killers

2019-10-02: iDB-Web

  • ADD Added realm to logs tab
  • ADD Added caching of databases

2019-10-01: iDB-Web

  • ADD Added item counts to realm popup

2019-09-29: iDB-Web

  • ADD Added item images

2019-09-29: iDB v1.0.0.390

  • ADD Added item images

2019-08-08: iDB-Web

  • ADD Added logs for regular users

2019-06-20: PermIt v1.0.0.86

  • ADD Added ForceEnterGameAtLeastOnce to configuration

2019-05-30: iDB-Kolbot v1.0

  • ADD Initial

2019-05-14: PermIt v1.0.0.75

  • ADD Added iDB integration

2019-05-14: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.88

  • ADD Added iDB integration

2019-04-02: PermIt v1.0.0.69

  • UPD Complete rewrite

2019-03-30: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.85

  • ADD Disabled hunters/killers automatically re-enable when ready

2019-03-05: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.81

  • ADD Hunters pickup anni before it expires on ground

2019-02-06: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.80

  • ADD Added Mule mode

2018-12-24: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.75

  • ADD Allow manual killing games

2018-11-04: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.68

  • ADD Added MulerStartNewAccountEveryWalk to configuration

2018-11-03: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.67

  • ADD Added Close Accounts button

2018-09-15: Helios v1.0.0.338

  • ADD Added wait-line handling

2017-06-02: NeutronPlus v1.0.0.0

  • ADD Initial

2017-02-08: iDB v1.0.0.0

  • ADD Initial

2016-04-11: PermIt v1.0.0.0

  • ADD Initial