App Price
Base (windows app) required $500 + $50/mo
Web interface with support for unlimited resellers $300 + $50/mo
Builder (automatic cubing, runeword building) $1,500
ShopDrop (from LAZ#5401) / AutoShop (from WorldIsMine#6919) $300 + $50/mo + cut you negotiate with Laz or WorldIsMine
Advanced Preset Codes (~41k products covering all bases, runewords, magics, rares, uniques, sets and recipes) $2,000
Automatic Order Delivery for Web Shop $500 + $400/mo
Kolbot script to send completed mules to iDB Free
NeutronPlus (dclone) $500
Dream (rush leecher) $100
PermIt (permer) $100
PWC (password changer) $20
CDKC (cdkey checker) $50
I offer discounts if you buy multiple products or you refer new customers to me.