Fully automated diablo clone solution for acquiring mass quantities of annis!
  • Hunts, sells sojs / perms out, kills, mules, etc
  • Scheduled walking periods to avoid suspicion.
  • Integrates with iDB to send completed anni accounts.
  • Auto‐convert classic characters to expansion, in case you forgot!

Sample Walk



Killer & Muler Ratio

You could function with just 1 killer and 1 muler but it will be a slow process. Best is to scale up at a 1:1 ratio so like 2 killers and 2 mulers, or 3 killers and 3 mulers, etc. Also remember to reserve a key/proxy for the game holder (holds open the normal game for SOJ seller to come into) and the SOJ seller itself. The rest of your keys/proxies can be dedicated to hunters.

Modules Per Proxy

Highly recommend doing ModulesPerGroup of 1, which means 1 module per proxy:

Game Creation

Most defaults should work fine except game creation delays which are optimized for less extreme scenarios.. By default, these are 120 seconds, that is because most people don't like to wait around for slow game create/join to avoid r/d. However, for NeutronPlus you will be creating many games and if you have 120, you will get r/d because you'll go over 20 games per hour. Instead, set these to 180 for hunter, killer, muler, etc - that way it is guaranteed that you'll only get 20 games/hour and low chance of getting r/d. If you did 2 keys to 1 ip then I would say double the delays (to 360) so that for every proxy, only 20 games in total per hour.

SOJ & Hunter Account Format

[name]/[password]/[character index]

  • Hunters must be characters capable of creating games in hell
  • SOJs can be in inventory or stash
  • SOJs can be unperm
  • SOJ accounts can be added during a walk

Killer Account Format

[name]/[password]/[character index]
[name]/[password]/[character index]/[resurrect mercenary]

  • killer1/123/1/merc if there is a mercenary
  • killer1/123 if there isn't a mercenary
  • Only supports Javazons and Smiters, Javazons are far superior for killing dclone, well-geared can kill in 5 seconds!
  • All killers require the act 2 waypoint to the Arcane Sanctuary

Login Retry

If a hunter or killer fails to login, you'll see a window like this that lets you set the correct password and restart it, or disable the module for the rest of the walk.


  • Walk Trigger checks Found Games >= Walk Trigger's Games and Time Passed >= Walk Trigger's Time
    Example: Walk Trigger (80 games, 0 minutes) and Walk Trigger (0 games, 120 minutes) = either 80 games or 2 hours, whichever comes first
  • Stop Trigger checks Found Games <= Stop Trigger's Games and Time Passed >= Stop Trigger's Time
    Example: Stop Trigger (20 games, 120 minutes) = always get 20 or more annis from walk
For example, this will hunt for 200 games but if 7 hours pass and less than 120 games found, the walk will be immediately stopped:
  • Triggers can be modified during a walk


The first step to enabling this feature is toggling on the ID Annis checkbox in the Team Configuration window:
If you save, you might be shown this message:
.. which basically means that even though the hunters are set to ID annis, the killers aren't configured to buy ID tomes and give them to the hunters. So the first walk might be fine because each character has a starting ID scroll, but later walks would fail. To remedy this, you should change the UseIDTome property in the options:
Now if you want to set a global pickit filter to run against your ID'd annis, you can do that here:
Or if you want to override on a team-by-team basis, you can do that in the Team Configuration window.



  • Specific IP lets you hunt an IP you choose, wait for SOJs to be sold, kill and mule. SOJ Seller module won’t be started. Useful if maybe you see on d2jsp that a person says they are going to walk an IP, so you can get free walk.
  • Auto will pick an IP for you, hunt, sell SOJs, kill and mule.
  • Mule is for cleaning hunters if they have any leftover annis on them (you should rarely have to use this, maybe if the app crashes or your PC reboot in the middle of a walk). First you would go into Game View:
    Highlight all the chars you suspect need to be cleaned, check Has Anni, then you'd start the team in Mule mode. The modules with Has Anni checked will enter game and transfer anni to mule if found.

Reasons for Automatic Termination

  • If account login fails, the module will be disabled.
  • If character selection fails, the module will be disabled.
  • If account is wait-lined, the module will be disabled and re-enabled when not wait-lined.
  • If character core (softcore vs hardcore, classic vs expansion, ladder vs non-ladder) don't match the team, the module will be disabled.
  • If character is hardcore and dead, the module will be disabled. [hunter and killer only]
  • If character is not in hell, the module will be disabled. [hunter and killer only]
  • If character is not amazon or paladin, the module will be disabled. [killer only]
  • If character runs out of gold, the module will be disabled. [killer only]
  • If character is missing arcane waypoint, the module will be disabled. [killer only]

  • If there are 0 enabled hunters and 0 enabled killers, the walk will be immediately terminated.
  • If sojs run out, team summary will show "No more SOJ accounts available." and wait for more accounts to be added. The walk won't be terminated.

Manually Controlling Modules

During a walk if you find some module is misbehaving and bot is not handling it properly, you can right-click on the Game View for some options:
You can also control and monitor killers with the Killer View:


Mule accounts are saved into txt files in the main folder:
  • Annis.[Team Name].[Core (SCL, etc)].Characters.[Timestamp].txt
  • Annis.[Team Name].[Core (SCL, etc)].FullAccounts.[Timestamp].txt
  • Annis.[Team Name].[Core (SCL, etc)].PartialAccounts.[Timestamp].txt
If you don't Close Accounts after a walk, then next walk will start off at same spot in the mule account string:

iDB Integration

iDB's default HTTP-Port is 7338 so configure NeutronPlus like this:
If you change any settings, make sure that you restart the app to let them take effect.

Make sure that iDB's HTTP processor is enabled.
If everything is configured correctly, you'll see this on NeutronPlus:
And this on iDB:


2021-07-18: v1.0.0.181

  • FIX Fixed Mule mode which was broken upon introducing StartHuntersAfterAllOthers

2021-05-26: v1.0.0.177

  • FIX Retry windows are auto-closed when walk ends

2021-05-19: v1.0.0.176

  • ADD Added support for stashing items if hunter has full inventory

2021-05-17: v1.0.0.174

  • FIX Fixed a concurrency bug that occasionally occurs while starting a team

2021-05-12: v1.0.0.173

  • FIX Fixed inaccurate count being reported to ChannelDemon

2021-05-07: v1.0.0.171

  • ADD Added ReportDataToChannelDemon to report soj sales and walks (as well as ladder/non-ladder status of IPs) (default is false)

2021-05-04: v1.0.0.169

  • ADD Added Enable All buttons for hunters and killers

2021-04-28: v1.0.0.168

  • ADD Added StartHuntersAfterAllOthers (default is true)

2021-03-23: v1.0.0.163

  • UPD Changed killers to restart after 2 FTJs and stopping the hunter if 2 more FTJs
  • UPD Split ModulesPerGroup into ModulesPerGroupForHunters, ModulesPerGroupForKillers, ModulesPerGroupForMulers and ModulesPerGroupForGameHolders

2021-03-23: v1.0.0.162

  • ADD Added log message for when walk counter decreases
  • UPD Changed default selection when starting team
  • UPD Technical improvements

2021-03-17: v1.0.0.161

  • ADD Clicking on Retry window's text lets you copy Account Name to clipboard

2021-03-06: v1.0.0.160

  • FIX Fixed rare bug while archiving anni logs

2020-12-09: v1.0.0.154

  • UPD Disabled asia-specific game verification (since asia has separate IPs once again)

2020-12-08: v1.0.0.153

  • UPD Ignore empty lines in Hunter/Killer inputs

2020-11-23: v1.0.0.152

  • ADD Added detection for game server SOJ count bug

2020-11-23: v1.0.0.151

  • FIX Fixed killers getting stuck if anni in stash

2020-11-20: v1.0.0.150

  • ADD Added Killer View which allows full monitoring and control over killers

2020-09-23: v1.0.0.148

  • FIX Fixed bug where hunters rejoining games incorrectly report that they found game after server walked and then leave

2020-07-12: v1.0.0.143

  • ADD Added StopWalkOnRealmGoingDown

2020-06-13: v1.0.0.140

  • UPD Retry window stays on top of screen now

2020-05-29: v1.0.0.139

  • FIX Fixed 'in verified game' visual counter

2020-05-28: v1.0.0.138

  • FIX If killer is unable to join, hunter is forced to drop

2020-05-25: v1.0.0.137

  • ADD Added Enabled column to Game View

2020-05-25: v1.0.0.136

  • FIX Fixed critical bug with hunters not reporting on their game status
  • UPD Changed GlobalAnniFilter default to 10/10/5

2020-04-28: v1.0.0.135

  • UPD No longer disconnect from BNCS after entering lobby

2020-03-31: v1.0.0.133

  • ADD Added retry popup for no gold

2020-03-29: v1.0.0.132

  • ADD Added attack configuration validation

2020-03-14: v1.0.0.127

  • FIX Added state machine for IP verification

2020-03-12: v1.0.0.126

  • ADD Added DelayBetweenSellingSOJsForAsiaIPTest

2020-03-12: v1.0.0.124

  • ADD Added Asia support (true IP testing by selling SOJ)

2020-01-20: v1.0.0.122

  • ADD Added startup retry for hunters/killers (to allow user to enter different password or kill module, etc)

2020-01-16: v1.0.0.121

  • ADD Added TimeoutToKillDiabloClone to configuration

2019-12-09: v1.0.0.112

  • ADD Added AutoConvertIfClassic to configuration

2019-10-17: v1.0.0.109

  • ADD Added detection of missing waypoint to disable killers

2019-05-14: v1.0.0.88

  • ADD Added iDB integration

2019-03-30: v1.0.0.85

  • ADD Disabled hunters/killers automatically re-enable when ready

2019-03-05: v1.0.0.81

  • ADD Hunters pickup anni before it expires on ground

2019-02-06: v1.0.0.80

  • ADD Added Mule mode

2018-12-24: v1.0.0.75

  • ADD Allow manual killing games

2018-11-04: v1.0.0.68

  • ADD Added MulerStartNewAccountEveryWalk to configuration

2018-11-03: v1.0.0.67

  • ADD Added Close Accounts button

2017-06-02: v1.0.0.0

  • ADD Initial